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Nutrition Reviews from Rachel Sakhi!

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"Reporting to authorities should not get subjected to conditions of credibility" (SafeSport).

Disclaimer: This website discloses Safe Sport initiatives

Who is Safe Sport?

U.S. Center for Safe Sport offers resources such as Congressional protections, downloadable guides, and training for professionals or guardians for potential victims of child sexual abuse regarding the professional sports environment (Sakhi, 06/2018). 

Why is Safe Sport content on this website?

College Textbook: "Criminology Today: An Integrative Introduction, 7th Ed." (Schmalleger, 2014).

club 90210 is also known as the Beverly Hills Figure Skating Club which from the founder Rachel Lynne Sakhi, became inspired herself to compete in the past invitations of (NGB) figure skating activities (Sakhi, 06/2018). 

Why is a disclaimer here?

Anytime we as professionals discuss, teach, give relevant advice, or offer consultation services whereas one organization must collaborate with another such as a National Governing Body (NGB), special requirements is the responsibility of the participant. Entities shall engage in the promotion of participant awareness, reporting strategies, and safety resources based on the sensitive issues required by law to address (Sakhi, 06/2018). 

Coaching Examples of U.S. Safe Sport Code Violations

To enroll a child in a combat sport 

for the intent of disguised & 

abusive beating, touching, 

etc. is a violation with criminal 

conduct according to the U. S. 

Safe Sport Code Guide (Pp. 3) 

whereas an 'accidental' 

puncture to the pelvis or 

groin area is seen by a 

physician and deemed 

"the games children play

(DeVry U, 2018), (Sakhi, 06/2018): 

"3. Exclusion Physical misconduct

 does not include 

professionally accepted 

coaching methods 

of skill enhancement, 

physical conditioning, team 

building, appropriate discipline or 

improved athlete performance. 

For example, hitting, punching 

and kicking are well--regulated 

forms of contact in combat 

sports but have no place in 

swimming" (Safesport, 2018). 

RAINN:: Can I Report Now?

To file a report based on suspicion whether the child sexual abuse is believed to be true or unfounded, please create a referral anonymously or it is recommended to give the who, what, when, how, and your contact information related to the child sexual abuse suspected. You may call:

  • Toll free 1-800-656-HOPE
  • 1-800-656-(4673)
  • Thank you for your expertise

Disciplinary Jurisdiction & USFS Governance

Conspire with Someone Like You: Dianne-CA (Democrat)

frida@envy6.work || 6th Street Factors || The BIG 6

EPS: envy6.work (emotional)

Just as our favorite public educational broadcasting stations taught and continue to teach us from Sesame Street everything from tricycles, interviews, and talking cookie monsters, 6th Street Factors teaches the awareness of citing sources of information when filing reports in an effort to impose real laws upon those participating in frivolous reporting as well as addressing the demand of conquering neglect of truthful reports resulting in unfortunate circumstances for all families involved. Neglect of real complaints usually is based on the illiteracy of citing sources of the information presented 1st, and then alongside other important discriminating factors pursuant to "grooming" (SafeSport, 2018) worldwide in professional environments. Source: envy6.work

Silhouette Bookmarks & Dolby Theater Fashion Events || EPS: envy6.work (physical)

We take child sexual abuse seriously, we take character defamation seriously, and we consider workplace abuse an essential scapegoat for conquering the disease of the never ending stories utilized as stepping stones for vicious social climbers. It's real, it's human, and it's trouble (Sakhi, 06/2018). 

EPS: envy6.work (sexual)

The BIG 6 : 6th Street Factors

  • Easiest facts to recall
    1. 3E: Emotional Abuse
    2. 3E: Physical Abuse
    3. 3E: Sexual Abuse
    4. BHW ACTIONS: 
      1. Bullying
      2. Threats
      3. Harassment
    5. BHW ACTIONS: 
      1. Hazing
    6. BHW ACTIONS: 
      1. Willfully Tolerating
  1. Resource: Safesport, 2018.

BHW ACTIONS: envy6.work (bullying, threats, harassment)

Can I help you? 

  • Recognize Bullying
  • Prevent Bullying
  • 1st Properly Define Bullying

"Harassment in sport includes any pattern of physical and/or non-physical behaviors 


  • (a) are intended to cause fear,
  • humiliation, 
  • or annoyance
    • (b) offend or degrade,
    • (c) create a hostile environment,
    • (d) reflect discriminator bias in an attempt to establish dominance, superiority, or power over an individual participant or group based on:
      • gender, 
      • race, 
      • ethnicity, 
      • culture, 
      • religion, 
      • sexual orientation,
      • gender expression, 
      • mental or 
      • physical disability" (SafeSport, 2018).

Source: SafeSport.org

BHW ACTIONS: envy6.work (hazing)

Can I help you? 

  • Define Hazing: Favors or Conditions
  • For example: 
    • If you ignore your wife, I'll give you a meaningful job with social status. 
    • If you show care toward your Punjabi daughter you'll never skate again.
    • This is where your brother works, and if you get another 4.0 gpa at this University we will cause a divorce, mortgage foreclosure, and hang him, etc. 

BHW ACTIONS: envy6.work (willfully tolerating)

Can I help you? 

  • 1st Define Snitch
  • 2nd Distinguish the Difference
  • 3rd Have Independent Judgment
  • 4th Everything Matters & Your Opinion Does Too
  • For more info on why people are afraid to file reports review the U.S. Center for Safe Sport handbook, you may find the role or position you are in currently. If you do, take action by visiting RaINN.


Winter Sports Notes from Rachel Lynne Sakhi, the founder of Beverly Hills Figure Skating Club:

As a loyal learner, athlete and coach in training the experience gained assists in sharing a wealth of knowledge about life skills, survival, and self help of protecting one's health and wellness. During the pursuit of a Bachelor of Science diploma in Justice Administration with a Homeland Security Specialization, Rachel, as a student athlete of DeVry U dedicated time in seeking resources to properly utilize APA (American Psychological Association) style of citing sources. Academic research requires documentation of an attached reference list from the author, student, learner, and writer in order to accomplish objectives of giving information valuable to any relevant circumstance. There are never too many credits given to sources when reiterating borrowed information, gathering and presenting expertise in a court of law during a criminal trial, and exploiting credits of materials contributed by members of a motion film or music video production, figure skating program choreography, and medical process or invention methods and techniques. Quick and easy checklists of who, what, when, where, why, and how is the essential key to continue progress in all professional environments whether reporting successfully or receiving transcript credit for a job well done. Citation Tricyle is a mobile group that is teachable from school to school, under tents or canopies at the circus, the local county fair, and through guest lectures. I, the founder of Beverly Hills Figure Skating Club am proud to offer this gift when traveling, participating, and teaching. Thank you and good luck!

"One should not attempt to evaluate the credibility of a child sexual abuse allegation" (SafeSport).

Speak Figure Skating: Resolution Groups by Coach Rachel

Charlie Chaplin Group

Experience Hollywood with Great technology, in a group with Coach Rachel pantomiming Charlie Chaplin styled expressions off ice that promote conquering the fear of reporting child sexual abuse (Sakhi, 06/2018). 

Speaking Perspectives Group

Lectures with Coach Rachel to role play utilizing actresses, actors, and props to create and perform a reenactment of how the offender "grooms" professional environments worldwide (SafeSport, 2018).

Speak Figure Skating Group

Learning how to utilize the skater's anatomy and physiology energy to speak music beats rather than verbalize the figure skating patterns by Coach Rachel. 

Safety & Knowledge Group & Auditions

Who is Safe Sport and Why Auditions? 

How does it relate to Beverly Hills Figure Skating Club? The foundation teaches ourselves, learners, and fans to strive to create a safe and healthy place to live, learn, teach, and grow and refuse to neglect concerns regarding important issues. I know this is a difficult subject, and auditions for actors to role play and pantomime through performance may foster comprehension, memorization of procedures, and encourage the initiatives of awareness (Sakhi, 06/2018).

Legal Definitions: Child Sexual Abuse

Come with Coach Rachel to figure memorizing the legal definitions of what "sexual misconduct" (Safesport, 2018) means and in what ways or in what environments these actions occur based on the SafeSport Misconduct Glossary (Sakhi, 06/2018). 

How Do I Respond to Child Sexual Abuse?

#GetDefined #ChildSexualAbuse

#RAINN 1-800-656-HOPE

we strive to promote: 

  • Focus, Energy, Growth, Recovery
  • Recognize Potential
  • Encourages Strength & Power
  • Fosters Empowerment
  • Guides Endurance of Stress
  • Acknowledges Reality 
  • Responds Quickly

"Reporting should not depend on the validity of child physical abuse allegations" (SafeSport).

Summary: S.534 — 115th Congress (2017-2018)>>

<<State Statutes for Child Abuse: Child Welfare Information Gateway

Get involved, and conduct your very own state statutes law search for a Children's Bureau today! "Adults within the Olympic and Paralympic Movements are also required to report abuse to the U.S. Center for SafeSport"/ "Les adultes du mouvement olympique et du mouvement paralympique ont aussi l’obligation de dénoncer les abus au Centre américain de SafeSport" (SafeSport, 2018). Source www.safesport.org

Share the big news: pemdas magazine

club 90210: pemdas magazine features local businesses and scouted talent to provide a rich channel for many artists, songwriters, singers, and performers as well as sports star hopefuls. Buy an ad space today! Become familiar with abuse in the entertainment industries, and learn your reporting responsibilities as well (SafeSport, 2018). Source: www.safesport.org

Hate Crime & Character Defamation

club 90210 and pemdas magazine enjoy bringing awareness to those teeny tiny pestilences that have huge potential as destroying lives, its call antidefamationalliance@onacircle.us or contact coachrachelsakhi@onacircle.us

Enjoy the holidays please!

"An individual who is required, but fails, ...is subject to criminal penalties"

Bill History in the Congressional Record

From the Congressional Record, Volume 163 (2017)

Summary: S.534 — 115th Congress (2017-2018)

What does this Congressional Bill Amendment mean? How does it relate to SafeSport and the professional sports environment? 

  • 115th Congress is like a police department or McDonald's franchise, whereas the location of a restaurant focuses on particular neighborhood customers and is designated to address concerns based on the issues from that location (Sakhi, 2018). 

  • Safe Sport initiatives became so popular based on problems recognized as a demand and Congress allows privileges to grant solutions for all those concerns that are often unaddressed, forgotten, or neglected (Sakhi, 2018). 

  • The federal bureau of census records and survey reports collects statistics information which assists in government monitoring of how people in crisis situations are supported, and receive retribution, legally. The professional workplace was listed as having one of the highest reporting percentages of "homicide" (Schmalleger, 2014-01-01). 

Source: Pearson Education, 2015

(Sakhi, 2018).

What is the legal name of this Congressional Bill and the related Amendments (changes)? 

S.534 - Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act of 2017

  • The citation source of this Congressional Bill Change is:
    • 115th Congress (2017-2018) 

What age group should I be to file a report? 

  • "Youth" covers individuals up to the legal age of 18 inside the United States, it's territories, and possessions. In 2017 the Congressional Bill was presented by Senate. President Donald J. Trump on February 07th, 2018 reviewed Congressional Bill, and on January 30th, 2018 according to Congress (2018) "Resolving differences -- Senate actions: Senate agreed to the House amendment to S. 534 by Voice Vote. (consideration: CR S589-591)" whereas by the US President and his staff for one week was as well sincerely reviewed.  Finally, approved then signed by Donald J. Trump on February 14th, 2018 and "Became Public Law No: 115-126" on February 14th, 2018: Valentine's Day (Congress, 2018).

Would you like to receive alerts about this Congressional Bill Change?


US Congress. (2018).  The Congressional Research Service (CRS) of the Library of Congress works exclusively for the United States Congress, providing policy and legal analysis to committees and Members of both the House and Senate, regardless of party affiliation. CRS provides Congress with analysis that is authoritative, confidential, objective, and non-partisan. Retrieved from https://www.congress.gov/help/legislative-glossary/#glossary_crs

When is the Right Time To Report Abus?

"Suspicion" is the right time (Congress, 2018). According to SafeSport Initiatives (2018) abuse doesn't need to be a reality to get reported, however if activity is odd, conspicuously uncomfortable, and pestering then suspicion is the right time. For mandatory reporters, SafeSport training gives the following scenario referred to by the name of Miss Smith. 

Stephanie Smith:
"Each jurisdiction is a little different, but every state requires that an adult who believes something has happened or has a reasonable suspicion, not that you even believe, but that you have a suspicion, you need to report it" (Congress, 2018). 

Un Francais

"Suspicion" est le bon moment (Congrès, 2018). Selon SafeSport Initiatives (2018), l'abus ne doit pas être une réalité pour être rapporté, cependant si l'activité est étrange, ostensiblement inconfortable et harcelante alors la suspicion est le bon moment. Pour les journalistes obligatoires, la formation SafeSport donne le scénario suivant désigné par le nom de Miss Smith.

Stephanie Smith:
"Chaque juridiction est un peu différente, mais chaque État exige que si un adulte croit que quelque chose s’est produit ou a un doute raisonnable, et non que vous le pensez, vous devez avoir un doute, vous devez le signaler" (Congrès, 2018). 

Reference Link: 


Learn About "Grooming" (SF, 18').

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Moves in The Field Masters: Coaching

Greetings to know the learner more better, and leaving you with highlights of some of the best resources in the industry. 

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Art & Music Appreciation Seminars Nationwide

Brief group sessions with summary performances off ice. 

Mobile Classroom: "A Tribute to Michael Jackson" (EbonyJet.com, 2009).

A historical timeline of the King of Pop's contribution and culture--changing milestones in American Arts and Musical Genius. Group Name: Art and Music Appreciation. 

Mobile Classroom: Bring in The Noise' Bring in Da Funk History

Tribute to Tap Dance Culture of the Big Apple NYC and the Hottest Artists in the Industry: A History Lesson. 

Mobile Classroom: Art & Music

Master Moves in the Field: Christmas Holidays 2018 preparation, goodies, gift ideas for parents, and .

SafeSport and the United States Olympic Committee

Famous Quotes & Inspiration

"Appreciate What You Have" (William Henry 'Bill' Gates, III, 1990). 

Famous Quotes & Inspiration

"Get Up" (United States Figure Skating Association, 2018). 

Coach's Education: PSA

As a former member, practicing the action of reporting is an essential character-building quality that proves the experience was well taken.

Prior Experience: USOC & Members

As a former member of the USOC 

I myself, retired participants, current members, and future leaders of the United States Olympic Committee hold one blessing in common which is the opportunity to share safety procedures. I recommend the review of the SafeSport Handbook initiatives at wwww.safesport.org. 

The Birth of PEMDAS Magazine

Great News has arrived! 

As a past participant of the US Figure Skating Association with both coach and athlete training, the Pyeongchang journey for hopefuls, and PSA membership experience under my belt, I will now share as a sports journalist the news of SafeSport via PEMDAS Magazine. Many thanks. --Rachel Sakhi, Professional Sports Journalist

About Beverly Hills Figure Skating Club

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Rachel teaches Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Basic Life Support bilingually. Rachel is eager to learn from your wealth of knowledge as well! Rachel's recommendations for a safe and healthy figure skate journey on ice is to invest in the Jackson Ultima Freestyle figure skate equipment:  

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Jackson Support Rating: Moderate Support -- Level 45
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(Jackson, 2018). 

Tackle Crime: Fun and Community Service!

The figure skating program is available for prison recidivism mediation whereas the special or vulnerable population, probation units, and therapeutic skate programs may heal victims of "hate and occupational organized crimes" (Schmalleger, 2014-01-01). www.devry.edu To review the reality of terrorism in our neighborhoods worldwide and the glossary of terms associated to violence in the workplace please visit Pearson Education today.

Silhouette Bookmarks: Off Ice Training & Social Activities!

Just as Martha Stewart there are great ways to make busy at home, in the kitchen, on the ice, and off the ice. Baking activities is a wonderful way to ease the burden of sports fees, reduce costs, and negotiate with stress. Frida Kahlo artwork is Rachel's specialty, and is shared with a gift of Silhouette Bookmarks to celebrate the joy and love for reading. Let's have fun with bright and vivid colors! For more information on the history of Frida please read the following article: "Through a New Exhibition..." (Forbes, June/2018).